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About Our NJ Telepsychiatry Services

Psychiatric Evaluations

The telepsychiatry evaluation is the first stage of the treatment process. A gathering of information including psychosocial, developmental, psychiatric history, and current symptomatology helps you and your provider develop a preliminary treatment plan and pertinent diagnosis(s).

Medication Management

This is typically a follow-up appointment. Meeting with your Medicaid provider as determined by your initial treatment plan is paramount to your success in psychiatric treatment. Medications are reviewed, response to treatment, and continued evaluation is part of this visit.

Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management

This evaluation is typically completed when there is a threat that is presumed. An evaluation is completed to determine the difference between making a threat and posing a threat to a school community.

Therapeutic Support

The provider is available for identified students, staff, and/or administration that require supportive services in New Jersey. This service is uniquely tailored to address the needs of individuals that are challenged with complex behavioral needs.

Behavioral Health Screenings

This is an examination of the student’s mental health. Specifically designed to screen for behavioral and emotional problems, the screening is made up of checklists and questionnaires for parents. They include questions about their child’s language, movement, thinking, behavior, and emotions.