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Changing the face of child, adolescent, and adult outpatient psychiatric care to improve access and affordability.

We partner with families, schools, colleges, nonprofits and more.

InSite Health logo

Changing the face of psychiatric care to improve access and affordability.

We partner with families, schools, colleges, nonprofits and more.

Mental Health

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We treat common mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders, PTSD, depression, ADHD, behavioral disorders, and more.


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In-person sessions at one of our convenient locations or over video using our secure teletherapy platform.


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Our highly qualified mental health providers diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication when needed.

We offer psychiatric and mental health care to patients in New Jersey

Our Approach

InSite takes the view that a biological approach and drug treatment is not inherently wrong; neither is a psychological approach and psychotherapy treatment. The key is to identify who needs which approach, based on whether a psychiatric disease is present or not.

Bridging the gap between access and advanced care services for mental health

InSite supports nurses, counselors, administrators and staff within schools as they navigate the complexities of health and wellness in community-based settings.

Our goal is to reduce learning loss and chronic absenteeism by improving access to psychiatric teletherapy services. 

The InSite Difference

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Complete Mental Health Solution

Our telehealth program provides patients access to high-quality visits and psychiatric services the moment they need it.

Outstanding Care Providers

Our team of board-certified healthcare providers is committed to the health and care of the schools and communities we serve.

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Affordable, Accessible Care

InSite accepts major insurance payers and Medicaid to ensure our services are affordable, and most importantly, accessible.

How InSite Works

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Whether coming to us directly, from your school, or from your healthcare provider, call one of our convenient locations to schedule your in-person or telehealth psychiatric evaluation today.


Our approach offers evidence-based mental health solutions for children and adults.


Whether it be your school or healthcare provider, InSite works with key members of your care team to create a mental wellness plan.


InSite provides patients with a thorough evaluation, continued treatments, ongoing therapy, referrals, and resources to support healthy outcomes.

Get started with a customized mental health action plan for your school or organization

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Please fill out the Book an Appointment form and our team will be in touch to schedule your appointment the same business day.

We were recently informed that a large provider of outpatient psychiatric care discharged patients from care due to their discontinuation of services. InSite currently has the availability to accommodate new patients via telehealth or in-person.