Staffing Solutions for Schools

Insite health staff works with your internal team to provide mental health support on-site.

We are fully equipped to help your district with:

  • IEP Planning
  • 504 Support
  • In-District Mental Health Services
  • Employee Professional Development
  • Immediate Threat Assessment Evaluations

Insite can staff LCSWs and APNs to work with highly fragile and vulnerable students

Our talent pool is diverse and highly skilled, ensuring we find the perfect fit for every district. We prioritize ongoing training and development for our staff, working with your school to foster a culture of growth and excellence. With advanced systems, we efficiently manage everything from recruitment to payroll, easing the burden on your administrative staff.

We provide mental health professionals who are dedicated to supporting the well-being of our partner districts’ students and staff. We strive to create an environment that promotes academic success and mental wellbeing.

Why Partner with InSite Health?

Every InSite Health program aims to profoundly improve the lives of families, students, and staff by addressing mental health challenges. We strive to create safer, more supportive school environments for students dealing with mental health issues while also tackling financial challenges for districts.

  • Proven Outcomes
    We improve school performance of students with severe mental health challenges
  • In-School Staffing
    Proven clinical program integrated into the school day for organized and immediate interventions
  • High Retention
    Fully licensed, highly skilled clinical professionals committed to ensuring every student’s success within the district
  • Data
    Supported by comprehensive data collection and analysis for partner districts
  • Top Tier Clinical Team
    Access to InSite’s clinical team, specialized providers, and outpatient clinical care

School District Case Study

In our recent case study, averaging 10,000 students, during the time period of January 2023 to June 2023, we have granted over 177 students access to psychiatric care.

  • Our providers have cleared over 96 students to return to school within 24-72 hours, limiting the amount of missed school days.
  • We have saved over 88.5 hours of administrative work for staff.
  • Average time to create a referral for InSite Health is 3 minutes 23 seconds.
  • Patients have an average of 78.3% retention rate beyond the initial evaluation.
  • InSite’s Wellness Program helped save $71,500 in health insurance costs by streamlining access to our outpatient care facilities.
  • Parents and patients’ feedback was 3x the national average for mental health services.

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We were recently informed that a large provider of outpatient psychiatric care discharged patients from care due to their discontinuation of services. InSite currently has the availability to accommodate new patients via telehealth or in-person.